7 Tips For Parents To Help Kids Study During The Lockdown

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7 Tips For Parents To Help Kids Study During The Lockdown

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Since the Lockdown started on 25 March, we all have been stuck inside our homes for more than one and a half month. While we adults are somewhat able to do our daily work from home, our kids who are in a habit of studying in a proper formal environment of classes are lagging in their academics.
We are trying our best to help them make up for the lost studies from home but not all of us are well acquainted with helping our kids study without the proper guidance of school and teachers.
We here at FB4I Classes present you with 6 ways in which you can help your kids study during the lockdown and make learning online easy for them.

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Find Proper Curriculum For Them
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It is important to know about the current session’s curriculum for your child as the session started recently during the lockdown and students were promoted to next standards, but many parents are not aware of the current curriculum for their respective wards which happens to be the most important thing to help your children study online during the lockdown.
While many schools are already providing proper consultation and curriculum for their students, in case your kid’s school isn’t providing one you should contact the school and ask for their guidance.
If they are not able to help you or you want any further help, you can contact us regarding the same, and we at FB4I classes will do our best to provide a tentative curriculum according to your kid’s standard.

Limit Their Distractions
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For Children, their home is a place of comfort and affection but also full of distractions at the same time which can be a hurdle in their studies during the lockdown.
Parents need to note that kids are most likely to slack in studies with distractions. While you cannot change much at the house, you can still limit these distractions for them while they study like limiting their use of mobile games, chatting with friends, TV, and other things during their study time.
This will not only keep them focused on their studies but also instill discipline in them.

Plan Their Schedule
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While the kids are loving this unexpected vacation, you should be adamant in reminding them otherwise. You should make a proper schedule for them to study and decide dedicated hours to study during the day.
This will not only keep their discipline in check but will also get them in a
habit of studying during dedicated hours until they get back to their normal

Design A Learning Space
study space

When we work from home, we have a designated place to work to keep ourselves away from distractions and to stay focused. You need to decide a similar place for your kids to study, this place should be quiet and comfortable enough for them to focus. You should prepare them to maintain this make-do classroom during their study hours and not allow them to wander or be casual about it.
If possible, try to keep this place separate from where they play as it can be a bit difficult to maintain proper discipline at this place otherwise.

Allow Them Breaks
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Only study and no fun can lead to dire boredom for your kids which directly affects their studies. You should allow your kids to have proper breaks during which they can relax and have their leisure time. Try to limit their interactions with mobile and laptops as they are already studying online and spending time on such devices. Set up a healthy screen time for them. Encourage them to indulge in playing board games, pursue their indoor hobbies, talking to their siblings, sharing their moments with you, as these activities will not only help them relax but will also contribute to their overall development and their relationship with you.

Be In Touch With Fellow Parents
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While each one of us is trying our best to help our kids study during the lockdown, some of us are having a better go at that. You should try talking to fellow parents and parents of your kid’s friends to know what they are doing in these times to help their kids study. You can also share your experience with them, and in return they too might share some helpful tips with you.

Take Online Classes
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As we all are doing whatever we can to help our kids with their studies, some things are handled better by professionals. We advise consulting with online tutors to help your kids study better and learn things in a more professional way like they would in a regular classroom.
We at Fb4I Classes are focused on providing our students with the best online learning experience curated, keeping their needs in mind.
Our Qualified teachers highly appreciate teaching students in our regular online classroom programs through continuous evaluation using assignments, worksheets, and tests which ensures your child not only learns things but is also proficient in them.

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We hope this guide helped you learn a few things to help your kids study well during the lockdown. If you think our guide helped, please share this with fellow parents and help them learn how to help their kid study.

If You have other ways to help children study during lockdown, please feel free to share with other parents in comments below.

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