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It would not be an exaggeration to say that the ongoing pandemic has changed everyone’s lives upside down. With offices, shops, and schools being shut, people are coping to juggle between lots of things at the same time. But the most tedious task for parents and kids is to resolve their education and not let the lockdown take a toll on it.

With parents struggling between work from home and  household chores, they don’t want their child’s education to take the back seat. That’s where the concept of online classes come in handy. E-learning is proving to be a boon for the students and as well as their parents during these times. 


Here’s 7 reasons why!


All you need to attend an online session is a computer and an internet connection and you are good to go. You can pick yourself a quiet corner of the house and set up your study corner there. It allows children to have the comfort of their favorite spot in the house and feel better during the study hours. 

Online classes also eliminates all the hassle for the kids to stuff their bags with books and for the parents to pack their lunch or drop in or pick off from school. Education is now only a click away for the children which, not to mention, saves time for everyone.

Expert Teachers

It’s rightly said that a good teacher can make learning fun. And even when you don’t have direct access to educators, online classes bring to you the best teachers to help your kids with their education. You get expert educators who have taught the same course dozens of times hence, in no way lacks the experience your child needs. These digital storytellers focus on making the lessons precise and fun, and not necessarily long and tedious. 

It does not matter where the learning happens, all that matters is the presence of the availability and presence of teachers. Supporting the students and being mentally present with them is the most important thing for a teacher. 

Online classes make it easier for the parents to find the best teachers in one place without having to scavenge them, teachers they can trust and rely on the expertise of for the best learning process of their child.

Regular assessment

Amidst the lockdown being exercised, one of the biggest problems is that it’s the end of the academic year when kids have their final exams and are promoted to the next standard or have already been promoted and are beginning a new standard. And parents don’t want their kids’ studies to be disrupted. Online classes not just help the kids keep up with their education irrespective of the break of flow but also helps them prepare for the upcoming exams with regularly conducted online tests. With the regular assessments, kids stay on their toes at all times and are prepared for exams even when they can’t attend school.

Aligns with the need of social distancing

There is no denying that the decision of self-quarantine was important and apt, at the least considering the situation we all have been put into and we all need to abide by the government guidelines. But with the need for social distance, schools have been shut down which has put a halt at the learning of students. Online classes completely eliminate the need to step out of your house in order to get education. Kids can now continue their learning while exercising social distancing from the comfort of their homes. And parents can also contribute equally in their child’s education and stay close to monitor their growth all while not having to compromise their safety.

Maintenance Of the daily routine

One thing that frames a student life is the presence of a set routine which usually includes school, homework, coaching, and co-curricular activities.

With the lockdown in play, the routine has been disrupted for both students and their parents because neither the students nor the parents are used to staying home at all hours of the day. Therefore, sustaining a regular learning routine becomes essential to avoid a hindrance in the way of learning.

Online classes help maintain a routine which leads to the regular learning of kids and not let go of the entire concept of a study schedule. Parents should help the kids to follow the set routine with discipline.

Budget Friendly

What could have been more helpful during these times than having access to education and not burning a hole in your pocket for the same. Online classes help the kids to build their skills and continue their learning even in these uncertain times. Students can not reach out to their school or coaching if they need guidance, but online availability of teachers and educators allows them to seek help at a reasonable price. Parents would not need to worry about paying handsome amounts just to continue the education of their child and can turn to online classes to still help them learn and excel.

Individual Attention

Speaking of e-learning, students have a lot of control over the entire process and can customize it as per their needs. They can choose the learning environment, the content they want to learn, and the interaction with the teachers. 

In a traditional classroom or lecture hall, a lot of students do not participate in discussions or debates. Having to sit in a classroom full of students, a child might not feel comfortable putting across their doubts and questions. With the availability of online classes, kids can have one on one interaction with the facilitator in case of any doubt. Online classes help the students to put aside their anxieties and not let it stop them from seeking the help they require, which becomes a tad bit difficult for them in a classic classroom setting.

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